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The worst things about 2020 ranked – other than coronavirus

A definitive list of all the terrible things we endured in 2020, from least to most insufferable.

It’s finally over, thank goodness, but we would be remiss if we didn’t look back on 2020 – a year like no other.

January started in predictable fashion, there was Oscar buzz for Leonardo DiCaprio, Norwich City were bottom of the Premier League and Prince Andrew was evading the FBI.

At this point, the coronavirus was a mere whisper, making way for bigger stories like Brexit or Megxit.

By the time March came around, our lives had changed immeasurably as we entered lockdown.

Toilet rolls were scarce, everyone started making banana bread and handshakes became a taboo subject.

To sign off what has been a truly awful year Attaboy has compiled a list of 10 terrible things that happened in 2020, from least to most insufferable.

10: “A time to reflect”

It might sound ironic because this is essentially a reflection piece, but one of the most excruciating aspects of lockdown was the litany of social media influencers declaring lockdown as a time for reflection. They say health is wealth but the former is a lot easier to obtain if you have the luxury of the latter, which leads me to my second entry.

9: Celebrity “Imagine” video

Among many other things, lockdown revealed to us how truly pointless celebrities are, as illustrated by this failed attempt to boost morale during the first wave of the pandemic.

8: Sourdough starter pack

During the first lockdown, people made an unprecedented amount of bread and then uploaded pictures of their freshly baked loaves to Instagram – super weird.

7: Clapping for carers

Not the cause so much as the shaming of those who didn’t clap. The last few weeks of summer were especially painful when enthusiasm for the weekly applause began to dwindle with the exception of a few ardent cowbell ringers.

6: Gardens

Many people, particularly those of us in London, don’t have the luxury of a garden, which resulted in an unparalleled level of envy of those who do have gardens.

5: Toilet roll

Back in March, toilet rolls were so scarce that I ordered a pack of four from Amazon. They became more sought after than a wad of Pokemon cards in a mid-noughties school playground.

4: Bookshelf vanity

The political commentators’ equivalent of a big d**k contest.

3: Zoom quizzes

After a long day of working from home from your makeshift office (bedroom), with only a laptop for company, the last thing you want is even more Zoom interplay. The digital quiz format grew tiresome after the first few weeks and the pressure to top the previous week’s host became too intense to bear.

2: The concept of time

We now think of time in terms of pre or post-lockdown. Personally, I have no memory of life before coronavirus. Lockdown life was so repetitive that all the days blurred into one.

1: Hair

As a society, we all massively underestimated how important hairdressers and barbers are. Without them, we do crazy things. Some of us shaved the lot off, while many more let it grow to unseemly lengths. The bravest among us decided to cut our own hair with kitchen scissors and arguably fared the worst.

What were your bugbears of 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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