Issue 1, July 2020

There is not an ideal male archetype, and if there was, it wouldn’t be Donald Trump or Boris Johnson or any other male leader who envision themselves as almighty or unyielding. 

Inspired by Trump’s refusal to wear a hygiene mask, Attaboy has commissioned a photo essay entitled, Masks and Masculinity, featuring men from all over the world, proudly displaying their facial coverings. 

Inside these pages, you won’t find any adverts for Rolex watches or sultry photoshoots that objectify women. Instead, you will read content that empowers men to be nurturing, caring and compassionate. 

Our case study on, The experiences of men in female-dominated roles explores the idea that more men in nursing, teaching and social work could inspire future generations to dismantle harmful gender stereotypes. 

In a feature called Injury Time, we speak to five men who have had to give up something they love because of a serious injury, whether that be a person, job or lifelong hobby. 

These are just some of the highlights in our pilot issue, as we explore the concept of masks and masculinity. 

Editor in Chief, James Bayley

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